Become a Sales Genius

There is a reason this course is paired with Book Selling 101. Veronica O'Leary is a sales expert with over 40 years of experience. Her course will teach you how to become a sales genius and help you grow your book selling business.

You will learn how to:

Boost your sales

More sales means more money. Learn how to become a confident salesperson.

Build a dream-team

Learn how to build a dream team that will boost your companies growth.

Become and Effective Leader

Being a good leader and hiring great employees are essential to any business.

Veronica's Credentials

  • ​Worked in the sales industry for 40 years
  • Top of her class at the Dale Carnegie School of Sales
  • Worked as a recruiter for Trump Properties
  • Was Responsible For Markets With Revenue over 100 Million
  • Worked with Debbie Fields and Michael Dezer

Access four new sections - A total of 18 videos!

  • Introduction
  • The 5 Core Complexities
  • Features VS Benefits
  • Identify your Business
  • Commission vs Salary
  • Look the Part
  • ​Introduction
  • Results
  • Execution and The Power of Vision
  • The 4 Hs
  • Set Realistic Goals
  • Target your Audience
  • Operational Musts The World of Technology
  • Sales Force and the Dream Team
  • Do You Need a Salesperson?
  • What Value a Salesperson Brings To Your Business
  • Walk the Talk
  • You Are Only as Good as Your Leader


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Sales Genius

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